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The Ensemble performs regularly throughout Europe, especially in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy; collaborates with both the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam and the Italian Embassy in the Netherlands, often representing Italy as artist in residence in institutional events: at the Italian gastronomic week in the world he performed both in the Hague Residence that at the European Space Agency ESA-ESTEC, has also recently inaugurated the Italian pavilion at the Floriade EXPO 2022.

The Ensemble collaborates also with The Hague Art Society.

New Phoenix Ensemble has appeared and heard several times on Dutch classical radio and various television programs (NPO4, Cultuurshow).


In Germany New Phoenix Ensemble has performed at the Italian Cultural Institute in Munich, Consulate of Wolfsburg  and in several concert halls in Munich, also collaborating with the violinist of the Bayerische Staatsoper Susanne Gargerle.


New Phoenix Ensemble is active in concert lectures connecting music with visual art, architecture and literature. New Phoenix Ensemble has performed both in National Monuments (Oranjehotel and Hollandsche Schouwburg) and in Art Museums: the inauguration of the Italian-Dutch biennial "The Latitudes of Art"  by the Italian Embassy in the Netherlands and the Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam.

In Italy the Ensemble collaborated with the “Dimore Storiche Italiane”, FAI in concert-lectures dedicated to the Renaissance painters Giovan Battista Moroni and Lorenzo Lotto, Fondazione Lemine -Arte del Romanico and Terre Dei Baschenis.

In 2021, New Phoenix Ensemble received an award from both the Dutch Ministry of Culture (Fonds Podiumkunsten) and the Rotterdam Art Foundation (Stichting Droom en Daad).

In 2022, thanks to the obtained fonds, New Phoenix Ensemble recorded the first CD about the project DONNE.

New Phoenix Ensemble has been invited to perform at the "Citizens's Garden Concerts" in the European Parliament in Brussels. 

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